Web Development Services

Clean code, page speed, and optimal conversions – our web dev in a nutshell​.


Modern web development strategies match the personalization of web design with the compliance and responsive standards for fast, clean code. At Smartz, our web developers utilize today’s latest, greatest technological tools including CSS, HTML5, jQuery and modern responsive design principles.

Every step of the way, the client’s website needs are prioritized. We believe in highly functional, fast and fully rendered websites which embrace W3C compliance, the use of structured data and top SEO techniques to optimize the customer experience. 

Let our web development services craft a compelling website which harnesses content management and SEO-friendly solutions alike. Our web development team specializes in presenting clean, concise information capable of meeting W3C protocols while aiding organic search potential. At Smartz, your website’s unique touch comes first.

Pixelsilk or WordPress For Lead Generation Websites

Once a site’s web development is complete, clients are connected to the Smartz custom Pixelsilk content management system or WordPress to manage their content as needed. The Pixelsilk CMS is the SEO-friendly web platform, granting users on-page editing for their website from anywhere—and at any time. It is a multi-site, agency option for managing sites in bulk as well as a CMS built for competitive online markets.

WordPress is the industry standard for small to mid-sized business lead generation sites. It offers a world of plugin functionality to accommodate your unique design. Let the Smartz management team guide you with the best, proven plugins and custom WordPress functionality to help your business thrive.

Mobile-First Development Vs. Mobile-Responsive Development

A mobile website, when combined with responsive design, can optimize your web page to be accessible, exciting and engaging on smaller screens. Smartz prioritizes simple navigation, quick load times and high-integrity security features to balance mobile options and responsive features. Mobile sites, essentially, are copies of a website, which is a dated philosophy. Responsive design, meanwhile, lets the mobile device do the work—automatically adjusting a page’s content to fit a screen’s size, whether large or small. Depending on your target audience, our team will craft a mobile first (if your audience is 60% or more mobile) design and focus your site to an easy experience on any device.

Effettoundici is W3C Compliant

The World Wide Web Consortium, or W3C, is an international organization that sets standards for websites. As a W3C compliant company, Smartz knows how to follow these standards to the letter and can help your firm do so as well. Achieving W3C compliance allows your site to attract only those users who are most likely to buy a product, saving you from traffic that doesn’t lead to conversions. It also involves cleaning up redundant HTML codes and other features that slow down your pages.

Web Development for Bend, Oregon

A compelling, well-designed and an intuitively developed website is an unbeatable business tool. Our Bend, Oregon web developers harness today’s leading skills, developer approaches, and technological utilities to help our clients throughout the US. Our web developers are intelligent, innovative and quick to engage a client’s custom needs. At every angle, our proven skills in JavaScript, HTML, and CSS ensures that every piece of code is structured, search-compliant and capable of generating a high degree of success.​